RB: General Manager Certification Programme

2016 04 GMCP RB presentation

This morning our Responsible Business Manager, Sven Wiltink, presented the responsible business programme to a fantastic group of general managers, eager to continue driving Responsible Business in their hotels. The presentation is part of the General Manager Certification Programme.

The aim of this programme is to help further develop (new) Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group General Managers into their roles as well as our Mentees. The programme encompasses the minimum requirements and knowledge for all General Managers to operate and maximize the business.

Responsible Business is a vital pillar of our business and is shared and lived by all employees. Therefore the General Manager engagement is key to our success driving the 3 pillars of our Responsible Business:

 THINK PLANET Reducing our negative impact on the environment

THINK PEOPLE Health and safety of our employees and guests

THINK TOGETHER Business Ethics and Community Action

The motivation, passion and willingness to drive Responsible Business was unanimous. General Managers are responsible for their hotel operations, and to drive Responsible Business projects such as eco-label certification, Think Planet initiatives and to be involved in social responsibility of the hotel.

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