YCI wins Tourism 4 Tomorrow People Award

YCI - tourism 4 tomorrow people award

We are delighted to announce that the Youth Career Initiative (YCI), the International Tourism Partnerships’ (ITP) youth employability programme has won the People category award at the Tourism 4 Tomorrow awards in Dallas, Texas.

YCI is a six-month education and employability programme offered to unemployed youth with limited socio-economic opportunities in 19 countries across five continents. YCI works with young people who are unlikely to have a viable route into legitimate employment or be able to improve their situation without external help. The programme provides students with transferable life and work skills that improve their employment opportunities, as well as empowering them to make informed career choices and positive life decisions. It has an 85% success rate of graduates moving on to employment or further education.

YCI also supports survivors of human trafficking helping them to become more independent and secure as they regain control of their lives. Among the 64 survivors who have graduated from YCI to date is Mai, who graduated from YCI Hanoi in 2013.

“Now that I have a stable job and good income, I have a normal life just like everyone else. I don’t think of myself as a poor girl who has been trafficked. I don’t feel insecure or ashamed anymore.”

ITP works with its member hotel companies to identify key issues for the industry to address, and global youth unemployment has been targeted for over ten years. YCI was created to bridge the gap between hotels battling a lack of skilled talent to recruit, against the high percentage of unemployed young people in many countries around the world, and to empower unemployed young people to build careers and make positive life choices.

Fran Hughes ITP Director said, “We’re immensely proud that YCI has been recognised by the tourism industry with this prestigious award. It’s a fantastic endorsement for our employability programme and our many years of work with our members and partners around the world helping so many young people improve their opportunities. We have ambitious plans for the growth of YCI over the coming years, thanks to the generous support of our funders, and we hope that this recognition will underpin those plans, allowing us to bring YCI to thousands more young people, in several more countries.”

Carlson Rezidor hotels participate in YCI in 5 countries and the Carlson Family Foundation is supporting YCI’s work, especially the projects with trafficking survivors. In 2016 Carlson Rezidor hotels aim to launch YCI programs in 5 additional countries.

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