Radisson Blu Celebrates World Water Day

World Waterday

Radisson Blu, launched in September 2015 the Blu Planet initiative that specifically focuses on conserving and protecting the earth’s priceless water supply. Today, on the United Nations World Water Day, Radisson Blu announces the research findings of the new Super Breakfast which demonstrates a 22% reduction in the water footprint compared to the previous buffet set-up.


Everyone knows Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: designed to help us rise and shine. Radisson Blu’s Super Breakfast is an industry-leading breakfast offer that has played a major role in Radisson Blu’s brand proposition for many years and the Super part of the title has become a benchmark for many of our competitors. Our water-light Super Breakfast is available at Radisson Blu hotels across Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Inge Huijbrechts, Vice President Responsible Business, comments, “Everything we eat, drink and buy has an embedded water footprint. It is estimated that 86% of a hotel’s water use in the total value chain is the embedded water in Food & Drink products.  In line with Radisson Blu’s commitment on water stewardship, I am delighted to report the significant reduction in the water footprint of our Super Breakfast. Along with the important reductions in water footprint, the Super Breakfast also generates 27% less food waste and has a significantly lower carbon footprint.”


To understand our water impact, Radisson Blu invited the Water Footprint Network to undertake the calculations of the two breakfasts’ water footprints. Water Footprint Network is the global leader in Water Footprint Assessment and helps companies on the path towards corporate water stewardship. In the study, a comparison was made between the former and new Super Breakfast setup by taking the Radisson Blu Hotel Zurich as an example. By reducing food waste and changing some items in the menu, the Super Blu Breakfast initiative represents a 22% reduction of the hotel’s breakfast water footprint. The total embedded water footprint goes from 1275 litres per cover to 997 litres per cover.


“Water is a crucial resource for every business. A business’s water footprint is a measurement of the total water consumed to produce the goods and services it provides. We are delighted to be joining Radisson Blu on its water stewardship journey, one that we hope will lead to even further water footprint reductions in their hotels’ direct operations and supply chain, and deeper engagement with their customers, staff and surrounding communities in taking concrete steps toward fair and smart use of the world’s fresh water,” said Ruth Mathews, Executive Director Water Footprint Network.

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