8 years with Childhood and counting!


All children have a right to a childhood, to safety, happiness, playfulness, and curiosity in life.  World Childhood Foundation works to prevent abuse and exploitation of children.

The Carlson Rezidor hotel group has supported World Childhood Foundation since 2007. This long term relation has enabled us to support over 100 direct action projects aimed at securing the childhood of those who have suffered from both physical and mental abuse, from homelessness as well as those who have suffered from drugs and violence.

Being a long standing supporter of Childhood has helped achieve both a global and local impact as the projects span several continents. With our support lasting years, it has also brought with it long lasting and meaningful impact.

This year, just like every other in September, the Carlson Rezidor hotel groups celebrates its community with Responsible Business Action Month. This is the month to reignite your community fires and take action. Be it running for Childhood, hosting a cake sale, #AddingColourToLives or #BluSuperChildren, everyone’s actions will in one way impact World Childhood Foundation. All funds raised during the month of September will be directed to both the locally supported youth or children’s organisation and Childhood.

Three specific Childhood projects will be supported by the hotels this year with the aim of fundraising enough to support them for an entire calendar year. The projects in question are; Advance and The Way Home in Ukraine and Sixtyonethree in South Africa.

Click on either the World Childhood Foundation tag, the BluSuperChildren or AddColourToLives tags to read about these three projects in detail.

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