Radisson Blu in Finland goes Green Key

Finland Green Key

Minister of the Environment of Finland Ms. Sanni Grahn-Laasonen presented the first Green Key certificates to all seven Radisson Blu hotels in Finland. Travellers have increasing opportunities to make environmentally sustainable choices.

The Radisson Blu hotels in Finland are operated by Sokotel Oy, a part of S Group and they are the first hotel business in Finland to be awarded the Green Key certificates. The certificates were presented to the hotels by Minister of the Environment Ms. Sanni Grahn-Laasonen at an event arranged in Helsinki on 18 March 2015.  The Green Key is an international eco-label which promotes sustainable travelling. Hotels with environmental certificates enable travellers to better make environmentally sustainable choices and decrease their own carbon footprint.

Attitudes emphasising ethical and ecological questions within the area of consumption have strengthened over the past years, also among private consumers. Today, the consumption choices of every third Finn are guided by ethical and ecological principles. The surrounding reality and studies from all over the world indicate that this growing trend is here to stay.

“At S Group, our goal is to be a pioneer in responsibility.  Our stakeholders expect us to pay attention to energy consumption, renewable forms of energy, minimising food loss and promoting recycling in the environmental field. We have been able to utilise an increasing share of the amount of waste produced at hotels, and we have increased the efficiency of our energy consumption. We are constantly working on improving our operations and increasing the environmental awareness of our customers”, says Lea Rankinen, Director of Corporate Responsibility at SOK.

“The Green Key forms a unique ‘win-win-win’ situation where the environment, hotel guests and the hotels themselves are all winners”, says Inari Lehtinen, General Manager of Radisson Blu Seaside hotel.

“As a prominent conference hotel it is important for us to be able to support companies’ environmental goals through our own operations. Alongside the Green Key, we are also committed to following the hotel chain’s responsibility programme; for instance, all our meetings are carbon dioxide compensated”, says Klaus Ek, hotel manager of Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.

“The Green Key sign helps discerning travellers choose their hotel while informing all guests of the fact that hotels can also be effective in addressing environmental questions. If was surprising how hotels of the same chain can have their own individual solutions: each seemed to have its own spirit and nature.  What was particularly great was the strong commitment of the personnel, clear enthusiasm in the protection of the environment and the fluent integration of environmental work in everyday activities”, says Tanja Tuulia, chairperson of the Green Key jury and a member of the board of the Finnish Association for Environmental Education.

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