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The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) is a 24-week education program that empowers disadvantage young people and trains them for their future professional and social life. Young students between 18 and 21 years-old that dropped out of school or lacked the financial means to complete their education or are at-risk of exploitation can be eligible for this program. YCI provide its students with life and work skills that make them employable but most important of all will allow them to make positive life decisions.

The YCI program provides the students with over 750 training hours both professionally and personally, in various departments in the hotels and given by experienced managers.


YCI reaches hundreds of youngsters every year in 12 countries. So far, the YCI education program has been a real success with over 85% of graduates that either continue education or go into employment. The Youth Career Initiative has proven that it can change people’s lives and only for the best.


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The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is proud to be part of this program. We have trained 11 YCI classes in Romania, Poland, Jordan, Ethiopia and Senegal. The program has so far been very promising as some of the graduates have been hired. In Dakar’s recent class, 5 students out of 9 continued their trainings with the hotel. Another great example was last year’s class in Ethiopia. One student discovered a real passion to be a chef and she is now a member of our kitchen team.

Let’s hope to continue with these promising stories and that more students find their passion thanks to the Youth Career Initiative!

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