World Water Week in Stockholm


Rezidor partners with the UN CEO Water Mandate during World Water Week in Stockholm – taking an overall view on how all water stakeholders develop and manage energy and water for the good of society and ecosystems.

We were the first global hotel group to sign the UN CEO Water Mandate in May 2014, and joined at that time almost 130 leading companies in their focus on water stewartship.

The Mandate’s working conference, World Water Week, strives to advance its three priority work streams of Corporate Water Disclosure, Water & Human Rights and Collective Action. The event brings together global players such as Nestlé, AB Inbev, Coca Cola and H&M and non-profit partners such as CDP, WWF and the Nature Conservancy (

Water scarcity is considered a more imminent global issue than climate change. Today 1.2 billion people reside in areas where water is physically scarce, increasing to 2/3 of the population by 2025. Over the coming 30 years food and energy demands are expected to increase dramatically, yet we will depend on the same finite and vulnerable water resource as today for sustaining life, economic growth and our environment. Changes in consumption patterns and population growth will lead to a doubling of irrigation needs by 2050. This changing context means that businesses will face business risks – and also opportunities – related to water.

In line with our turnaround programme Route 2015 and our 4D Strategy, Rezidor extends its commitment to water savings in own operations to a 30% saving in litres per guest night by end 2015 (compared to the 2007 baseline).

Be part of World Water Week! Share your ideas for efficient use of water with us on

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