Taking care of our planet

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Taking care of the environment is a key focus of the Green Key label and Rezidor’s own Responsible Business programme. Here’s how some of our hotels are meeting those commitments.

PI LeuvenEven before the Park Inn by Radisson Leuven opened in 2011, its General Manager aimed to receive a Green Key accreditation for both the hotel and its meeting facilities. This commitment to the Green Key label and Rezidor’s Responsible Business programme has seen the hotel improve its sustainability performance each year. For example, a new system was installed so that toilets in the hotel could be flushed with rainwater. This initiative saves more than 600,000 litres of fresh water each year.

Hotels with a Green Key eco-label are encouraged to provide activities which raise awareness of sustainable development, the environment, and local flora and fauna. To achieve this goal, many of our hotels organise regular activities which preserve the ecosystems and landscapes in their region. The Radisson Blu hotel Bucharest is just one example. The hotel’s staff participate in the annual nationwide clean-up campaign ‘Let’s do it Romania!’Let's do it

Another example of this commitment comes from the shores of the Red Sea, one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth. As part of their green activities, the staff from the Radisson Blu Aqaba Jordan remove rubbish from the beaches in order to preserve the beauty of this unique place.

During August we have highlighted 20 of the best Green Key practices from our hotels. Next time you stay with Rezidor, don’t hesitate to ask the front desk team for more information on their Green Key activities. We have Green Key ambassadors everywhere!


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