Water saving initiatives help the planet

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filtered water 2 Inadequate access to safe drinking water is a major problem across many of the regions in which Rezidor operates. Reducing water consumption in our hotels – without compromising service quality for guests – is a key priority for Rezidor.

Water is also a central theme of the Green Key eco-label. Some the best practices from our hotels include:

The Radisson Blu hotel at Disneyland Paris has installed rain-sensors to automatically control garden irrigation systems. The system will only activate if insufficient rain has fallen. In hotels in a humid climate with a large landscaped area, a rain-sensor will reduce water use for irrigation considerably and extend the life of the garden irrigation system.

PragueThe Green Key eco-label requires 50% of the showers in a hotel to have a water flow rate below nine-litres per minute. Within just a few weeks of installing new shower heads to reduce water flow, the Radisson Blu Alcron hotel in Prague had saved over 12,000 cubic metres of water!

The Radisson Blu Residence Dubai Marina has installed a new system to collect condensation water from the air-conditioning system. Water is stored in a tank and can be used for garden irrigation. In the Middle-East, air-conditioning runs almost constantly. This very smart system ensures that we do not need to use drinking water for irrigation. This is good for the planet and reduces costs. About 19,000 litres of water are collected each year.


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