How to handle waste in a hotel?

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Waste management is a global key issue, particularly in hotels. On average, a hotel creates around one kilogram of waste per guest, per night! It is such an important issue, ten Green Key criteria are dedicated to the handling of waste.

Most of our hotels have implemented different tools to reduce waste and recycle any waste that is produced. To reduce our impact further, Rezidor actively communicates to our employees and our guests. We want everyone to have the option to help reduce the environmental impact of our hotels.

warsawBest practices from two hotels in Poland deserved to be highlighted. Both are used to handle plastic bottles which can be entirely recycled. The Park Inn by Radisson hotel, Krakow has switched from breakfast juice in carton boxes to larger plastic bottles. The Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel, Warsaw has introduced a machine which can squash plastic bottles. This has enabled the hotel to reduce the number of plastic waste containers it uses from four to one a month.

Since they started their own waste management programme, employees form the Radisson BLU Resort & Spa Dubrovnik have succeeded in reducing the total waste produced by 50%! A special place is dedicated to sorting of waste in the hotel. Paper, plastic, glass, and metals and separated and collected by a specialised company which takes the waste to be processed and reused.

Nice 2In Nice, the Park Inn by Radisson hotel gives old office and room furniture to Valdelia, a non-profit organisation which collects used goods and gives them a second life! Since 2012, Valdelia already organised 25 operations in France in favour of children education and accommodations. France’s ambition is to recycle 75% of furniture from offices, hotels and restaurants by 2017.

The Radisson Blu EU hotel in Brussels chose to control the waste generated through two solutions. Either they reuse waste or recycle. Examples of reuse include using both sides of a piece of paper when printing and donating leftover food in good condition to local charities. The hotel has also found recycling options for corks, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal cans, oil, printer cartridges, fluorescent bulbs, used CDs, magnetic cards, batteries and even the metal hangers used in the hotel.


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