Behind the scene of luxury hotel toiletries (1/2)


We’ve already mentioned our June 5th Soap & the City project when Rezidor hotels, together with Serve the City, will donate 1,000 packs of fresh personal care products to people in need in 10 cities around Europe.

As hotel guests, we probably don’t think much about how those toiletries are produced. In this article we wanted to trace products to their source. How are they prepared, why are they good for you and who is responsible?

To answer to these key questions we went to visit the Labofill plant in Lyon (France) where some of Rezidor’s toiletries are produced.

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Groupe GM



These body care products are free of preservatives commonly used in cosmetics (known as parabens) and other aggressive chemical components. None of the products are tested on animals.

soap + text

Part of Groupe GM, Labofill employs about 40 people who produce more than 1.3 million amenities each week for Rezidor and other hospitality brands. Labofill is a responsible company which complies with Ecocert standards and has European Ecolabel certification. The company also complies with the ISO 22716 standard for good manufacturing processes in the cosmetics industry.



To find out more about Labofill and Rezidor’s amenities, we spoke with General Manager Philip Husson and Laboratory Manager Jérôme Banino. Click on the links to find out more.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for our next post. You could win three samples of Rezidor’s quality personal care products!




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