Green Activities – A boat tour in Amsterdam

Radisson Capetown

By recognising environmentally friendly tourism facilities, Green Key is helping to decrease the environmental impact of hotels.

The Green Key organisation also trains our managers and staff in sustainable management practices.

Guests are provided with environmental information about the hotel. There are 110 criteria divided into 12 categories:

  • Environmental management
  • Guest information
  • Staff involvement
  • Water savings
  • Cleaning and washing
  • Waste


  • Energy savings
  • Foods
  • Indoor climate
  • Administration
  • Green activities
  • Parking areas / parks


One of the 12 Green Key categoriesconcerns the financing of green activities in the local area. To meet the requirements of this category, the Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam has recently partnered with the Blue Boat Company which operates eight sightseeing boats on Amsterdam’s famous canals. All are wheelchair accessible and are driven by electric motors powered by green energy.

By using electric power the Blue Boat Company are contributing to a greener planet. The electrically powered boats have significant environmental advantages including:

  • No emissions from diesel or petrol resulting in a much lower CO2 footprint.
  • Silence – you can hear the guide and each other while cruising the canals.
  • Safety – there is little risk of fire.

The boats also have a longer life, making them even more environmentally friendly.
he Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam has also recently installed the Cheetah Energy Control System. The system includes energy-efficient extractor fans in the kitchen which only operate when heat or odour is detected. This has resulted in significant savings over the previous system which operated continuously every day.

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AMSZH blue canal boats

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