How do we champion women in leadership ?


In many companies the proportion of women in the workforce decreases the higher up the corporate ladder you go. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the male-dominated hotel industry where women hold less than one in five leadership positions.

Rezidor is no exception. Despite the fact that half of our workforce is female, women only occupy 16% of the leadership positions within the organisation.

A growing number of people within Rezidor – men and women – believe the number of women in leadership must increase if we are to develop the potential of our people and meet the challenges of the future. This is why we have decided to grow the percentage of women in senior leadership positions to at least 30% by the end of 2016!

For Rezidor, the choice is clear. To help us reach the 30% target we are identifying Women in Leadership (WiL) Champions in each of our areas of operation, and at the core of Rezidor. There will be two champions in each area, ideally a woman and a man. They will be people who want to make a positive difference toward making our company a role model and ensuring that women have every opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. We’re also looking at innovative solutions that will enable women to take advantage of the opportunities available. That means taking a more flexible approach to working conditions, personalised development plans, and a more open approach to mobility.

This change programme will be driven by and for our people and will benefit all individuals in the company – not just women!


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